Bud Doggett’s Story

Bud-DoggettThe Founder and Chairman of the Board of HEROES, Inc. ® Leonard B. “Bud” Doggett, was known to many as Mr. “D”. Mr. Doggett’s legacy of a personal standard of commitment, participation and love for the organization will go forever unchallenged. Daily, he honored the sacrifice of each law enforcement officer and firefighter whose names appear on the HEROES, Inc.® Roll of Honor.

His dedication to the welfare of the survivors of these fallen HEROES, more than 200 families, set an example unequaled in depth. His pledge to make available office space and absorb all overhead and staffing expenses enabled HEROES to mature and provide services and scholarships at a level he could not have imagined possible when it first began in 1964. Bud Doggett passed away on August 13, 2008. We celebrate his life and his extraordinary devotion with a pledge to continue his promise to these families whose lives have been devastated by tragedy.