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Leonard B. “Bud” Doggett — known to many as “Mr. D.” — served as Founder and Chairman of the Board of HEROES, Inc.®

A pillar of the Washington business community, Mr. Doggett was inspired to establish HEROES® in the early 1960s after attending the funeral of a fallen officer. As a hat was passed around to collect money for the officer’s widow, he was saddened to learn that many families had no financial recourse when their loved ones died in the line of duty.

“[Bud] was a man who had the vision and foresight to see the need of the families of our fallen heroes….He did everything he could to make things right  for the families and the children who were left behind.”

– Anthony Williams
Mayor, District of Columbia
1999 – 2007

  • 1964
    1964HEROES, Inc.® established
  • 1983
    1983100 families helped
  • 2000
    2000Cherrie W. Doggett named President of HEROES, Inc.®
  • 2008
    2008Bud Doggett passed away
  • 2017
    2017200 families helped

Mr. Doggett decided to create a support system to help these families in need. He rallied support from his contemporaries in the business community to found HEROES® in 1964.

Through this work, Mr. Doggett spent over 40 years honoring the sacrifice of each law enforcement officer and firefighter commemorated on the HEROES® Honor Roll. From the beginning, he pledged to provide office space and personally fund overhead and staffing expenses. This has enabled HEROES® to mature and provide services and scholarships to over 200 families — at a level Mr. Doggett could never have imagined possible.

Mr. Doggett set an example through his compassionate leadership and commitment to caring for the families of the fallen. His legacy of personal participation and love for the organization will forever go unchallenged.

Bud Doggett passed away on August 13, 2008. We celebrate his life and his extraordinary devotion with a pledge to continue his promise to these families whose lives have been devastated by tragedy.

Leonard B. "Bud" Doggett

Leonard B. “Bud” Doggett

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